8 Negative Hair Washing Habits You May Not Be Aware Of

Your daily hair-washing practise might appear to be a straightforward and simple process at first. However, there are some errors that might be undetected by you and cause your hair to become dry and split ends, or even infect your scalp. On the other hand, there are several quite useful techniques that can help you obtain a look that is comparable to what is done in reputable beauty salons.

There are a lot of research to discover the majority of improper hair-washing practices that could be keeping you from having healthy and shiny hair.

  1. Use shampoo to wash your hair.

Experts in health advise against shampooing your hair every time you wash it in order to keep it clean. The obvious dirt can be removed by rinsing the hair with water several times per week. While these oils are necessary for healthy hair because they keep it moisturised and prevent it from harm, the use of the shampoo serves only cosmetic purposes and the rich foam it produces is possible to eliminate the majority of the oil from the hair.

  1. You use too much shampoo and don’t rinse your hair completely enough.

Before using shampoo, gently rinse your hair with water for at least a minute to assist get rid of part of the hair care product you just applied. To effectively wash the hair, it must first be completely wet before using shampoo. The shampoo will foam and permeate the hair more evenly if the hair is fully wet, from top to bottom. Additionally, it will encourage you to wash your hair with less shampoo.

  1. After shampooing, use conditioner.

Before using conditioner, we used to use shampoo first. With some hair types, though, the opposite procedure works better. Your hair will appear thicker than it actually is if conditioner is applied first. Although conventional hair straighteners might weigh it down and make it look greasy, this approach works much better for fine hair that needs moisture.

  1. Apply shampoo to the tips.

You risk damaging the ends of your hair if you regularly shampoo your roots before shampooing the rest of your hair. You should apply the shampoo to the scalp rather than the ends of your hair because the roots frequently contain more oils. Shampooing the ends will make them even dryer and more likely to develop split ends.

  1. Use your nails to massage your scalp.

Overly aggressive rubbing might harm your scalp and eventually result in an infection. Wet hair is more delicate, and rough abrasions can weaken hair follicles and result in knots and split ends. The best method for washing hair is to use your hands and fingers to gently massage the roots.

  1. Use hot water to wash your hair.

When it comes to temperature, “lukewarm water” is ideal for washing hair. Hot water hair washing encourages split ends and damages hair follicles and roots. On the other hand, lukewarm water aids in opening the pores of the scalp, allowing the hair to better absorb the conditioner’s hydrating properties and oils. It’s also a good idea to rinse your hair with cold water to close the pores and get rid of any annoying curls when the method is complete.

  1. Coat the scalp with conditioner.

While just the ends of your hair need additional moisture, conditioner applied to the scalp will make the roots greasy. As a result, the hair follicles will become clogged, which will slow down hair growth and increase sebum secretion.

  1. Brush your hair while it is still wet.

Hair is at its “weakest” when it is wet, hence there is no perfectly safe technique to brush it. Additionally, rubbing the hair with a towel while you dry it will break it. The easiest approach to dry hair safely is to give it a gentle pat and let it air dry.

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